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Q: Why should I use a property manager?

A: Many owners are concerned about the additional cost of hiring a property manager. The reality is that good property management doesn’t cost, it pays! A property manager will relieve you of the expenses incurred from marketing your property, screening tenants, dealing with maintenance or repair issues and handling tenant contracts and complaints. If these dealing with these challenges are not the best use of your time, it makes sense financially to hire a property manager. Good management pays off with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can go about your busy life and not worry about one of your biggest investments!

Q: What is the cost of property management?

A: Property management fees vary from company to company with some charging as little as 6% of the gross monthly rent for full management, all the way up to 12%. The fee at NewWest is 8% for full property management. This fee includes all the marketing and screening costs necessary to find a qualified tenant for your property. As always, if your property is not rented, we won’t charge the monthly management fee. We feel the 8% monthly fee allows us to cover the costs incurred while providing an excellent full-service management experience.

Q: How will my property be advertised and marketed?

A: NewWest has access to dozens of the most popular rental and real estate sites. Some examples are CraigslistRentbitsTruliaZillowHotpadsFacebook and Rent Jungle. In addition, as a licensed broker with a staff of licensed and trained Realtors, properties are listed in the multiple listing service and pitched at the weekly meetings if your property is Downtown. 

Q: Which types of properties does NewWest Manage?

A: NewWest Property Management has the resources to manage any residential unit – from single family houses to townhomes, duplexes and condominiums. We serve all of San Diego county, however we specialize in the Downtown condominium market. We have an extensive list of contacts in the Downtown real estate community and attend the Downtown caravan weekly which allows us to market your property to the majority of San Diego real estate agents serving the Downtown area.

Q: How are repairs and routine maintenance issues handled?

A: NewWest has an extensive vendor list that includes plumbers, contractors, electricians, paint and carpet tradespeople, attorneys and many others that are available to handle any situation that may arise. Tenants may use the tenant portal to request repairs online and there is someone available 24/7 to handle an emergency situation should one arise.

Q: What sets NewWest apart from all the other property management companies out there?

A: We understand that you may have invested time, money and emotion in your real estate. At NewWest Property Management, our team of licensed real estate professionals will treat your property as if it were our own!